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List of Qt Applications

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This page contains a list of Qt4 and Qt5 based applications/programs.

This means all programs are non-GTK3, non-GTK2, and non-KDE based.

Please search for the application name in your Manjaro repository. If you cannot find it, try the Arch User Repository as well. Sometimes, packages need to be downloaded from github or the developer website and installed manually.


Web Browsers

  • falkon - Cross-platform Qt Web Browser (formerly known as "QupZilla")
  • qtwebbrowser - Browser for embedded devices developed using the capabilities of Qt and Qt WebEngine
  • Otter Browser - Otter Browser aims to recreate the best aspects of the classic Opera (12.x) UI using Qt5
  • qutebrowser - A keyboard-driven, vim-like browser based on PyQt5 and QtWebKit.
  • lightweight2 - Very small browser using Qt libraries
  • QTbrowser - simple Qt Browser for Qt 4 and 5
  • dooble - A safe WebKit Web browser
  • Liri Browser - A Web Browser using the QML Material framework from the Papyros Project

Download Tools

Torrent Clients

FTP Software

  • qftp - A Qt client for FTP file transfer.
  • FileZilla - Fast and reliable FTP, FTPS and SFTP client


  • fatrat - Qt based download / upload manager with support for HTTP, FTP, SFTP, BitTorrent, rapidshare and more
  • Clipgrab - A video downloader and converter for YouTube, Veoh, DailyMotion, MyVideo,etc.
  • rapid-photo-downloader - Photo and video downloader


Email Clients

  • Trojita - An IMAP email client
  • manitou-ui - Database-driven email system: user interface

IM/IRC/VoIP/etc clients

  • Quassel - Daemon-based IRC client; however if you want simple IRC, more similar to konversation or hexchat, install the quassel-monolithic package
  • Psi - Qt-based Jabber client which supports video conferencing.
  • QutIM - IM app (XMPP + other protocols)
  • Kadu - XMPP and Gadu-Gadu IM.
  • Licq - Advanced graphical ICQ clone
  • kvirc - Qt-based IRC client
  • vacuum - cross-platform qt-based jabber client
  • mumble - A voice chat application similar to TeamSpeak
  • cutegram - A different telegram client from Aseman team
  • qutecom - A free VoIP softphone, superseding WengoPhone.
  • communi-desktop - A cross-platform IRC framework written with Qt.
  • twinkle - Softphone for voice over IP and IM communication using SIP
  • qTox - Powerful Tox client written in C++/Qt that follows the Tox design guidelines.
  • Quaternion - An IM client for the Matrix protocol
  • NaChat - A Matrix desktop client written in C++ and Qt
  • RetroShare - Serverless encrypted instant messenger with filesharing, chatgroups, e-mail.

Twitter Clients

News, RSS

  • Rssguard - RSS 0.92/1.0/2.0 & ATOM 1.0 feed reader (QtDesktop)
  • QuiteRSS - Fast and light RSS/Atom feed reader written on Qt/С++
  • boogie - light-weight python/Qt5 rss feed reader with simplicity and productivity in mind


  • Minitube - A native YouTube client in Qt. Watch YouTube videos without Flash Player.
  • smtube - YouTube browser, player and video downloader
  • Qsopcast - A front-end to p2p TV sopcast
  • pumpa - client written in C++ and Qt.
  • orion - Twitch stream client using QT
  • weboob - Web Out Of Browsers provides several applications to interact with a lot of websites.
  • bitcoin-qt - Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer network based digital currency - Qt
  • QMediathekView - An alternative front-end to the MediathekView database.
  • ivideon-server - Ivideon Server for Video surveillance
  • vidalia - Controller GUI for Tor
  • qtwebflix - A qt webengine program to watch Netflix



Image Viewers

  • LXImage-Qt - The LXQt image viewer with a built-in screenshot app.
  • PhotoQt - A fast, simple, good looking, yet powerful and highly configurable image viewer.
  • Qiviewer - A Qt image viewer, designed to be fast and lightweight.
  • Nomacs - nomacs is a free image viewer, which supports multiple platforms. You can use it for viewing all common image formats including RAW and psd images.
  • limoo - A multiplatform and modern image viewer, focused on better user interface...
  • qimageviewer - Image Viewer on Qt.
  • phototonic - Image Viewer and Organizer
  • qimgv - Simple image viewer written in qt. Supports webm playback.

Image Editors

  • EasyPaint - Simple image editor
  • Pencil - Animation/drawing software
  • LazPaint - Image editor, like PaintBrush or Paint.Net, written in Lazarus (Free Pascal). Includes BGRABitmap, a set of drawing routines.
  • Ardoise - The Ardoise ("The Slate") is an open-source software to draw, write and erase on an infinite area, then to save only the part you want.

Graphic Tools

  • Converseen - image converter and resizer
  • Sir - Simple image resizer in Qt
  • Screengrab - Screenshot application (QtDesktop)
  • hotshots - HotShots is an application for grabbing screens and saving them in a variety of image formats as well as adding annotations and graphical data (arrows, lines, texts, ...).
  • Scribus - A desktop publishing program
  • Fotowall - A tool for rendering collages from photos or pictures
  • Luminancehdr - graphical user interface application that aims to provide a workflow for HDR imaging
  • Posterazor - PosteRazor cuts a raster image into pieces which can be printed and assembled to a poster.
  • Trimage - A GUI based lossless image compressor.


Music Players

  • audacious - Lightweight, advanced audio player (with qt5 interface)
  • Cantata - Extremely featureful MPD client, with Qt4 and Qt5 interfaces.
  • Clementine - modern music player and library organiser inspired by Amarok 1.4.
  • YaRock - Modern Music Player with collection browser based on cover art.
  • Musique - Music player with a clean and innovative interface.
  • Qmmp - Audio-player, the user interface is similar to winamp or xmms.
  • Quimup - A client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD) written in C++ and Qt
  • Sayonara Player - Sayonara is a small, clear and fast audio player for Linux
  • cuberok - Yet another music player based on Qt4.
  • knowthelist - the awesome party music player.
  • deepin-music - Awesome music player with brilliant and tweakful UI Deepin-UI based
  • MellowPlayer - Open source and cross-platform desktop application that runs web-based music streaming services in its own window and provides integration with your desktop.
  • Tomahawk - The social media player.

Audio Tools

  • lmms - The Linux MultiMedia Studio.
  • EKO - EKO is a simple sound editor
  • Flacon - Tool to extract individual tracks from one big audio file.
  • Qtractor - Qt-based hard disk recorder and digital audio workstation application that aims to provide digital audio workstation software simple enough for the average home user, and yet powerful enough for the professional user.
  • rosegarden - MIDI/audio sequencer and notation editor
  • Kid3 - Audio files tagger
  • mixxx - Digital DJ mixing software
  • traverso - Digital Audio Workstation with an innovative User Interface
  • qoobar - Audio Tagger for Classical Music. It can - Edit ID3v2.4,, APE, ASF tags.
  • coquillo - Edit metadata / tags of various audio formats like MP3, Ogg/Vorbis and FLAC.
  • ktageditor - KTag Editor is a free and open source Audio tag editor developed in Qt5 framework
  • puddletag - Audio tag editor with a spreadsheet-like layout, similar to the Windows-only MP3tag
  • tageditor - A tag editor with Qt GUI and command-line interface supporting MP4/M4A/AAC (iTunes), ID3, Vorbis, Opus and Matroska
  • qjackctl - A Qt front-end for the JACK low-latency audio server
  • upplay - A Qt-based UPnP audio Control point
  • qjackrcd - A simple QT/JACK recorder
  • picard - MusicBrainz tagging application


Media Players

  • Smplayer - the original fully-featured Qt4/5 frontend for mplayer/mplayer2
  • VLC - Standalone media player
  • QMPlay2 - It can plays all formats and stream supported by ffmpeg and libmodplug. It has integrated Youtube browser.
  • Xt7-player - Xt7 is an mplayer gui that aims to be a complete interface to its tons of options coded keeping usability in mind.
  • umplayer - A complete front-end for MPlayer
  • Baka MPlayer - Baka MPlayer is a free and open source, cross-platform, mpv based multimedia player.
  • bomi - Powerful and easy-to-use GUI multimedia player based on mpv
  • mpc-qt - Media Player Classic Qute Theater (mpc-qt) aims to reproduce most of the interface and functionality of mpc-hc (Media Player Classic Home Cinema) while using libmpv to play video instead of DirectShow.
  • GoPro-VR-Player - GoPro VR Player is a 360-degree video & photo player for desktop computers: watch 360° videos locally and enjoy professional playback features.
  • miam-player - Cross-platform open source music player built with Qt5, QTav and Taglib.

Video Editors

  • Avidemux-qt - A graphical tool to edit video (QtDesktop)
  • ffdiaporama - Creation of videos sequences from images, titles, music
  • hybrid-encoder - A very complete gui for video encoding.
  • Shotcut - a free, open source, cross-platform video editor
  • djv - Movie playback and image processing software for the film and computer animation industries
  • openshot - an open-source, non-linear, next gen video editor, based on libopenshot.
  • vidcutter - the simple & fast video cutter & joiner with the help of mpv + FFmpeg
  • qstopmotion - An application for creating stop-motion animation movies.
  • opentoonz - An open-source full-featured 2D animation creation software

Media Converter

  • makemkv - DVD/Bluray to MKV convertion tool
  • curlew - Easy to use, Free and Open-Source Multimedia converter for Linux in Python
  • Feff - Qt frontend for FFmpeg.
  • qwinff - another frontend QT for ffmpeg
  • FF Multi Converter - Multi Converter is a GUI application that converts multiple file formats to different extensions
  • Outreel - Outreel is fast and esasy to use video converter from Icefeast.its a beast ffmpeg frondend for your linux system
  • xnviewmp - An efficient multimedia viewer, browser and converter

CD/DVD burning application

  • flburn - Optical disk burning software for linux based on the libraries FLTK and libburnia.
  • acetoneiso2 - An all in one ISO tool (bin mdf nrg img daa dmg cdi b5i bwi pdi iso)
  • qmultirecord - CD, DVD and BD recording frontend for cdrskin. Allows to simultaneously burn (and check) multiple ISO files in multithread mode on several optical drives.

CAD Software

  • LibreCAD - 2D-CAD application
  • QCAD - A 2D CAD package based upon Qt
  • freecad - A general purpose 3D CAD modeler
  • openscad - The programmers solid 3D CAD modeller


  • lrcshow-x - A lyrics plugins, supporting Amarok2, Qmmp, and other Linux Players with full dbus interface functions
  • qtav - A cross-platform multimedia playback framework based on Qt and FFmpeg
  • 2mandvd - DVD Authoring Maker In Linux Environment.

Documents and Texts

Text Editors

  • FeatherPad - Lightweight Qt5 Plain-Text Editor for Linux
  • Notepadqq - a Notepad++-like editor for the Linux desktop.
  • Juffed - text editor (QtDesktop)
  • Tea - text editor with an ultimate small size that provides you hundreds of functions.
  • Qedit - A modern, standalone and multi-purpose text editor.
  • Vim-qt - An experimental Qt gui for Vim
  • Texmaker - latex editor
  • TeXstudio - A LaTeX editor originally based on Texmaker
  • FocusWriter - A simple fullscreen word processor
  • Lyx - An advanced WYSIWYM document processor & LaTeX front-end
  • Plume Creator - With Plume Creator, organize your writing projects ! Scenes, notes, characters,... Rich Text editing, full screen editing and multiple projects supported.
  • mdiedit - Simple text editor with MDI interface. Written in qt5.
  • onlyoffice - The most complete and feature-rich office and productivity suite
  • textosaurus - Simple cross-platform text editor based on Qt and Scintilla

Notes Managment

  • PrimeNote - Most polished, cross-platform sticky note application. Provides support for Cloud, Vim, CSS styling and more !
  • ZNotes - Lightweight application for notes managment with simple interface
  • Basqet - A note-taking application similar to Basket
  • LoNote - A simple and fast note-taking application using Webkit engine and is written by PyQt.
  • QtNote - Note-taking application written with Qt in mind and able to read tomboy notes
  • qtodotxt - A cross-platform UI client for todo.txt files (see
  • to-do-list-manager - A Simple To Do List Manager Written In Qt5
  • QOwnNotes - a notepad that works together with the notes app of ownCloud.

eBook Managers & Readers

  • Calibre - Ebook management application.
  • FBReader - An e-book reader for Linux
  • coolreader3 - E-Book viewer for comfort reading (epub (non-DRM), fb2, txt, rtf, html, chm, tcr formats supported)
  • Lector - qt based ebook reader
  • yacreader - A comic reader for cross-platform reading and managing your digital comic collection.
  • Qcomicbook - A viewer for comic book archives

PDF viewers and editors

  • qpdfview - A tabbed PDF viewer using the poppler library.
  • PdfViewer - A simple program for viewing PDF files.
  • masterpdfeditor - A complete solution for creation and editing PDF files. (Free for non-commercial use)
  • utopia-documents - PDF reader that displays interactive annotations on scientific articles


OCR applications


  • kdiff3-qt - A file comparator/merge tool (lightweight qt version without KDE dependencies)
  • QHexEdit - QHexEdit is a hex editor widget written in C++ for the Qt (Qt4) framework.
  • Qxmledit - A simple XML editor written in Qt4
  • qscite - A code editor written in C++ and Qt4; A clone of SciTE
  • QScintilla - A port to Qt3 of Neil Hodgson's Scintilla C++ editor class


Package Managers

  • Octopi - Powerful Pacman (GUI | frontend) written in Qt
  • pacmanxg - Yet another GUI for pacman and yaourt. Depends neither on GTK nor Qt, only X11.
  • tkpacman - A lightweight GUI for pacman built with Tcl/Tk

Integrated Development Environments

  • QtCreator - Lightweight, cross-platform integrated development environment
  • Eric - A full-featured Python and Ruby IDE in PyQt
  • Ninja-IDE - Cross-platform IDE focused on Python application development
  • rstudio - An integrated development environment (IDE) for R (binary version from RStudio official website)
  • monkeystudio - Crossplatform IDE written in C++/Qt4
  • qdevelop - A free and cross-platform IDE for Qt4
  • APKStudio - An IDE for decompiling/editing & then recompiling of android application binaries.


File Managers

  • Andromeda - Cross-platform file manager, written on Qt (QtDesktop)
  • Qtfm - Tabbed FM with Bookmarks support
  • Newbreeze - Fast and light-weight File Manager
  • Hamsimanager - Hamsi Manager is a file manager, renamer, id3 tagger, information changer, ... tool.
  • doublecmd - powerful double panel cross platform file manager, written in Object Pascal / Lazarus, which uses couple of toolkits for UI includes Qt
  • yefm - Simple file manager based on Qt - fork of Qtfm
  • dino-dfm - A Qt Simple File Manager
  • bsc - A file manager for Linux based on Qt-GUI
  • piBreeze - LightWeight FileManager based on Qt5

Files Archivers

  • peazip-qt - Free, Open Source file and archive manager. Supports 7Z, ACE, ARC, CAB, ISO, PAQ, PEA, RAR, TAR, ZIP and many more archive formats.
  • b1 free archiver - Most friendly and simple free file archiver
  • lxqt-archiver - A simple & lightweight desktop-agnostic Qt file archiver

File Search Tools

  • searchmonkey - A powerful GUI search utility for matching regex patterns
  • recoll - Full text search tool based on Xapian backend.
  • strigi - Fast crawling desktop search engine with a Qt GUI.

Files Synchronization & Backup

  • LuckyBackup - Backup & Sync tool
  • qt4-fsarchiver - GUI for fsarchiver: Safe and flexible file-system backup and deployment tool
  • Synkron - A folder synchronization tool
  • dukto - Dukto is an easy file transfer tool designed for LAN use.
  • megasync - Sync your files to your Mega account. Official app.
  • nextcloud client - Nextcloud desktop client
  • spideroak - Secure and consolidated free online backup, storage, access, sharing & sync tool for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.
  • owncloud-client - ownCloud client based on mirall

Terminal emulators

  • qterminal - Lightweight Qt-based terminal emulator
  • quickterminal - Lightweight Qt-based terminal emulator
  • cool-retro-term - A good looking terminal emulator which mimics the old cathode display...

Scanning Tools

  • Vaultaire - Document scanning and tagging front-end built on Qt/C++
  • gbscan - Gambas gui to scanimage
  • SwingSane - A cross-platform, Scanner Access Now Easy (SANE) frontend. (Attention: Java based)
  • QScanner - Simply tool based on libksane widget to scan images and allows to save to basic graphics format and to pdf (also multiply images to one pdf file) (Attention: uses kdelib)

Iso Tools

  • imagewriter - SuSe Studio Imagewriter, a graphical utility for writing raw disk images & hybrid isos to USB keys
  • Acetoneiso2 - An all in one ISO tool
  • qisousb - A graphical Qt tool to copy a hybrid ISO onto a USB key.

Mount Tools

  • TinyMount - is a little GUI tool for mount/unmount devices, using UDisks and Qt.
  • easymount - Qt Device Mounter. It depends on pmount.
  • ldm - A lightweight device mounter
  • suamd - Simple usb auto mount daemon

Password Managers

  • keepassx - Cross platform password manager
  • keepassxc - Community update of keepassx, upgraded to Qt5
  • qpass - Easy to use password manager with built-in password generator
  • QtPass - QtPass is a gui for pass.
  • Fort - Password Manager for GNU/Linux

Clipboard Managers

  • Qlipper - cross-platform clipboard history applet
  • copyq - clipboard manager with searchable and editable history.

Network Tools

  • Wireshark - a free network protocol analyzer for Unix/Linux and Windows
  • dnetstats - Graphic monitor for the network. Show the network stats and the netmap
  • CMST - GUI for connman (connman is a replacement for NetworkManager with any GTK+ dependencies)
  • QNetCtl - Qt GUI for netctl
  • netctl-gui - Qt5 graphical front-end for netctl. A part of netctl-gui
  • YaNMa - Yet another NetworkManager applet written in PyQt (development is dead)
  • wpa_supplicant_gui - A Qt frontend to wpa_supplicant

Screen Recorder


  • aqemu - QEMU GUI written in Qt5
  • virt-manager - Qt Virtual Machine Manager provides a graphical tool for administering virtual machines for QEMU/KVM, Xen, and LXC and other Virtual Entities. Uses libvirt as the backend management API.
  • qtemu - Graphical user interface for QEMU written in Qt4

Battery Tools

  • ptbatterysystemtray - power management (QtDesktop)
  • qbat-qt5 - Light qt5 tool to display battery stats in system tray
  • QBat - A small tool based on Qt4 to display battery stats in system tray


  • albert - A DE agnostic omnilauncher.
  • mutate - A simple launcher inspired by Alfred.


  • pacmanlogviewer - Inspect pacman log file.
  • Qps - Process manager. Development is dead.
  • Top - windowed version of the console top command.
  • qxkb - keyboard layout/language switcher (QtDesktop)
  • Xgrabcolor - A basic color picker
  • Taskbar - a transparent taskbar to collect users favorite applications and run them in a simple click.
  • Transparency - a set of transparent applications.
  • kapow - Punch clock to track time spent on projects
  • qarma - Zenity Clone for Qt4/Qt5
  • yapan - Yet Another Package mAnager Notifier.
  • Skippy-XD - Skippy-XD is a full-screen task-switcher for X11.
  • lxmixer - a Qt fork of pavucontrol
  • qastools - sound mixer/volume handler for the Linux sound system ALSA
  • Kvantum - An new SVG theme engine aimed at Qt and KDE. It does not depend on any KDE or KF5.
  • qt5ct - Qt5 Configuration Utility (requires Qt platform theme to be set to qt5ct)
  • SDDM Configuration Editor - GUI SDDM Configuration Editor
  • qtpanel - A project to create useful and beautiful panel in Qt
  • QGMailNotifier - A GMail notifier.
  • meteo-qt - System tray application for weather status information.
  • qsnapshot - ksnapshot clone using qt5.
  • redshiftconf - Configuration tool for redshift (Qt5)
  • qtcam - a free, Open Source Linux Webcamera Software with more than 10 image control settings
  • zuluCrypt - A cli and gui frontend to cryptsetup. it can manage plain dm-crypt volumes,LUKS encrypted volumes,TrueCrypt encrypted volumes and VeraCrypt encrypted volumes.
  • QDirStat - a GUI to show where your disk space has gone and to help you to clean it up.
  • Mycroft-Ai-QtApplication - Qt5 Frontend for Mycroft Ai
  • markdown-editor-pyside - Minimalist simple markdown editor using PySide (QT4)
  • svgcleaner-gui - main GUI for svgcleaner
  • qDslrDashboard - Controlling Nikon, Canon and Sony camera
  • sqlitebrowser - SQLite Database browser is a light GUI editor for SQLite databases, built on top of Qt
  • [1] - Ubuntu System Optimizer
  • flameshot - Powerful yet simple to use screenshot software

Scientific Applications


  • SpeedCrunch - a fast, high precision and powerful desktop calculator.
  • extcalc - A multifunctional scientific graphic calculator
  • rpcalc - A simple reverse polish notation calculator

Plotting Tools

  • qtgrace - A program to display or plot data, analyze data and prepare it for printing, Qt version of the Grace
  • alphaplot - Application for Scientific Data Analysis and Visualization, fork of SciDavis / QtiPlot
  • qtiplot - Data analysis and scientific plotting - free clone of Origin
  • scidavis - Application for Scientific Data Analysis and Visualization, fork of QtiPlot


  • avogadro - An advanced molecular editor
  • ConvertAll - Unit conversion program
  • mendeleydesktop - Academic software for managing and sharing research papers (desktop client).
  • KLatexFormula - KLatexFormula is a program to easily get an image from a LaTeX formula .
  • Octave - A high-level language, primarily intended for numerical computations.
  • QtOctave - qt frontend for octave.
  • qtconsole - A Qt Console for Jupyter, which is a notebook for Python, Sagemath, etc.
  • qastrocam - Linux modified webcam capture software for astronomy
  • qelectrotech - An electric diagram editor
  • qucs - An integrated circuit simulator with a graphical user interface


  • Hugor loader - Hugor is a cross-platform port of the Hugo Engine eaning which you can load and play adventure games created with Kent Tessman’s Hugo authoring system.
  • ColorCode - a free advanced MasterMind clone
  • PEG-E - solitare game where you jump over pieces in order to remove them from the board.
  • OpenGOO - a free and open port of World of goo.
  • GLPeces - create different figures by putting together pieces like squares, triangles, rectangles, and others
  • Chessx - operate on your collection of chess games in many ways: browse, edit, add, organize, analyze, etc.
  • yabause-qt - A Sega Saturn emulator with Qt interface.
  • CuteMupen - Mupen64plus (v2) frontend emulator for N64 roms
  • bsnes - Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) emulator focused on accuracy.
  • Gottet - A Qt4 tetris game
  • Connectagram - A word unscrambling game
  • Simsu - A basic Sudoku game
  • higan - Nintendo multi-system emulator
  • Dust Racing 2D - A top-down car racing game
  • quickcurver - Qt Material design implementation of Achtung die Kurve with online multiplayer
  • dolphin-emu - A GameCube / Wii / Triforce emulator
  • medusa-emu-qt - An up and coming release of the mGBA emulator with DS support
  • warzone 2100 - 3D realtime strategy game on a future Earth


  • q4wine - GUI for Wine
  • musescore - A music score editor written in Qt
  • scantailor - Interactive post-processing tool for scanned pages
  • qdvdauthor - 'Q' DVD-Author is a Qt-based DVD authoring suite.
  • qpxtool - the linux way to get full control over your CD/DVD drives.
  • kchmviewer - A .chm files (MS HTML help file format) viewer .
  • cdcat - CD/DVD/Media catalog software (Qt based).
  • git-cola - A powerful GUI for Git.
  • symphytum - Personal database software
  • moneychanger - A QT/C++ client for Open-Transactions
  • cutecom - A graphical serial terminal
  • joomla - A PHP-based content management platform
  • litetran - The powerful translator on Qt5
  • qtalarm - Cross-platform Alarm Clock written with QT5
  • fontmatrix - Font manager for Linux
  • qt-inspector - A tool to visualize tree of widgets in a Qt application
  • redtimer - easy-to-use platform-independent time tracker
  • usbguard - USBGuard is a software framework for implementing USB device authorization policies
  • android-file-transfer - An interactive MTP client implemented in C++ using Qt toolkit
  • nootka - A crossplatform tool for learning classical score notation. Mostly for guitarists but also very good for ear training.
  • QGIS - Geographic Information System (GIS) that supports vector, raster & database formats
  • corebox - Combination of some common desktop apps


If you are looking for more programs/applications (Qt and non-Qt based), there is a huge list available in the Arch Wiki:

There is a forum thread in the Manjaro forum, in which you can discuss this list and recommend additions or changes:

You can find other wiki pages about Qt and LXQt here.

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