Manjaro Block Lists for Deluge & qBittorrent

Block Lists for Deluge & qBittorrent

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Firstly, are Block Lists worth the trouble?

This is a highly informative article written by a professional in the IT Security industry. Unfortunately, the full article is no longer available. This is a small part of the start of his article, just to get you going:

IP Block Lists Myths Misconceptions

	Written by Moore

Table of contents

   IP Block Lists Myths Misconceptions
   Myths and Urban Legends
   Blocklists give 100% protection
   Companies regularly change IP's
   Blocklists block billions of innocent people
   Blocklists put you at greater risk
   Block lists achieve absolutely nothing
   Bust The Myths

Over the years we have heard all kinds of false and incorrect
information posted around the net regarding the use of
blocklists as a unreliable form of protection against a wide
range of internet based threats.

This has led to the development of common misconceptions about
the blocklists among many users.

Some of this false information may be part of a deliberate
campaign to discredit the blocklists and their maintainers, or
an attempt to trick people into lowering their defences by
convincing people they are either more at risk or wasting their

While in some cases the false information has been outright
fabricated lies intended to do damage, it also seems that a lack
of technical knowledge mixed with extremely poor research simply
results in bad and incorrect information being spread with no
attempt to seek out the actual facts.

Often you'll see different kinds of insults on discussion forums
from people who just want to ridicule other p2p users that are
discussing the use of a blocklist.

Taken from: (No longer available)

Finding a Block List

The most time consuming problem was finding a block list for Deluge to import.

If you want to use a Block list with Deluge, open the Preferences panel, where you will find a Plugins option, a long way down the list on the left hand side; select it, then in the Plugins pane select (tick) the built in Block list plugin.

One source for a block list is the one that eMule uses. It can be found at

The added bonus is that you can use eMule block list in other torrent clients. It has also been tested in qbittorrent.

Another option for a block list can be found at

Block List installation

The Quick Way

For Deluge

Here is the installation path for the unzipped contents after unzipping the file & calling it ipfilter.dat :


For qBittorrent

Here is the installation path for the unzipped contents:


The Slower Way for Deluge

The Deluge blocklist plugin can be found at

Which means, whilst still in the Plugins pane of the Deluge Preferences, select the Install Plugin button & then navigate with the file requester to where you have the eMule ipfilter.dat & then type the path to it in the location field (it opens up once you start navigating in the file requester), using the following format:


After that it may be a good idea to restart Deluge to initialise the block list.

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